aden + anais Sleeping Bags

I will make no bones about the fact that I’m a HUGE aden + anais fan. HUGE. Back when my girl was little, my cousin-in-law (who isn’t my cousin at all) was talking about the aden + anais swaddling blankets and how wonderful they were. I immediately went out and bought some and have loved them ever since. Then, oddly, they became like a cult thing with my friends and I. “Have you seen the newest a+a blankets?” “OMG, that a+a blanket is sooo cute” and so on.

So when I had the opportunity to review the “new” aden + anais sleeping bags, I jumped on it. I had seen the bags before but didn’t think they’d work for the girl as they’d be too thin. I was concerned that it wouldn’t keep my girl warm, so when I saw the cozy slumber bags, I was fired up. We use sleep sacks here all the time, we haven’t transitioned to blankets and I like knowing that my girl is safe and warm.

I received the Alpha Bit version, which is so cute. The bag is BIG, I asked for the 18-24 month size thinking my girl could grow into it and it would be good to have it this winter. The bag is definitely thick and heavy, perfect for those cold winter nights. The zipper has this little extra flap of fabric that covers the zipper to prevent the zipper from chafing the baby, I love that.

Cons: There is a ton of fabric behind the zipper, so much that it gets caught in the zipper. Also, somehow my 16 month old managed to unzip the bag and break the zipper. I’m totally not clear what she did, and I was able to fix it, and it could be a complete fluke that it broke. (She’s since done “it” again and I haven’t tried to fix it.)  Kids can do some crazy thing when we’re not looking, so who knows what happened.  The companies policy is that damaged merchandise must be returned within 15 days.   I guess if I had purchased this, I’d be kind of SOL.   The bags retail for $39.95, so if my bag did have a faulty zipper and I couldn’t return it, I’d be a little peeved.

All in all, I love the bag. The fabric is cute and it’s just so thick. It’s the perfect winter sleeping bag for cold nights.  I can’t say that the zipper is a problem all around or maybe just with my particular bag.

(I did receive this sleeping bag for free for the purpose of this review.)

March 31, 2010