Have you seen my spring?


There’s something wrong when you have to tell your 4 year old that no, she can’t go outside at the end of March in Georgia because it’s too cold and raining (again). Sorry honey, you’d need to bundle up to go out and play, I know it’s almost Easter and all the trees are blooming […]

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Back at the 1/2


Back in December I decided it was time to run another 1/2 marathon. I think enough time had passed since my first in April and I was ready for a challenge. I hadn’t really done any long runs, maybe 2-3 runs a week, if I was lucky. But I missed consistent running and was ready […]

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Family time


Courtney’s realized that “let’s have family time” will get her almost anything and we had a ton of family time this weekend. It was really nice. We had a great weekend with hints of spring. It was great, if you can get past the head cold that never ends. I’d write more but my head […]

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Why do my posts need titles? I’m too tired for that.


For reasons I can’t begin to comprehend, there’s no school today. It’s a teacher work day, I think, in our county and so our school is closed. Because of course. But as I write this, Courtney is lying on the kitchen floor by the heater and Patrick is still sleeping. I think he’s got a […]

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Momma do it

Maybe it’s the season, the weather (rain), the fact that it’s grey and gross. Or maybe it’s the fact that my best friend is moving to Texas and I’m sad about that. Or maybe it’s the kids and their complete inability to listen to me. The fact that I have to repeat myself over and […]

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The little people


It occurred to me at 2:54 this morning that I haven’t written about the kids in a while. We’ll just start this by saying that they’re good. They’re still living here, neither has found any kind of employment and the mooches are eating us out of house and home. I can’t imagine what they’ll be […]

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