Everything’s bigger in Texas


I have no idea what that means. What does that mean anyway? I spent the weekend in Austin for QuiltCon. A weekend of creativity, learning, inspiration, quilts, peeing alone, margaritas, runs around the lake, excellent meals and cocktails. I’m not sure cocktails were actually part of my original weekend hopes and dreams but you can bet peeing alone was. I won’t bore you with all the quilty details about the conference here but you can read about it on SewHub.
I had an amazing time. The conference was well done (this was the first year) and I don’t doubt that it will just get better and better over the years. London anyone?
Do you have a thing? A thing that you love? A thing that you know other people love and you love to chat about your thing? Sewing is my thing. And running. And my kids. And… But this was about sewing. This was a chance to be with my people. Talk about fabric and tools and sewing machines and seam allowances. A chance to talk about quilts and patterns and ideas and even more fabric. It was awesome.
I ate some great food, crepes galore. I had some wonderful cocktails – a blood orange margarita that would knock your socks off. I had some great morning runs around the lake. And everywhere I went I peed alone. I really love peeing alone. 
Courtney helped me pack on Wednesday. She was adamant that “Bunny” would want to come with me. Bunny was one of those toys that lives in a trunk and I think I’ve seen once or twice. Maybe. So… Bunny came and was very well behaved and never once wanted to pee with me.

It’s great to be home. I’m hugely grateful to Paul for supporting me in my desire to go off and be with my people and encouraging me to sew and learn and grow and have a “thing” that’s mine. I definitely missed my babies but it didn’t take but a minute before I was no longer peeing alone.

A week in the life


I’m a little mystified that half of February is already over and that March is looming on the horizon. Valentine’s came and went and the kids were all about the day. Weird but I guess that’s what happens when you talk a lot about it in school.
I “did” the Valentine’s party for Patrick’s class and while it was fun, I feel like it was a bit unnecessary. I mean, they’re 2 and they don’t care. I did bring in cookies for them to decorate but they didn’t care about decorating cookies, they cared about eating them. And then after they were all hopped up on sugar, they definitely didn’t care about the book I had to read for them. I mean, whatever lady. But it is fun to see Patrick and he seemed intrigued that I was there during the day and confused when I left without him.
We had some beautiful days last week – sunny warm and 60 or so. Things here are starting to bloom and the daffodils are all up and crying out for spring. Or maybe that’s me that’s crying for spring. But Courtney reminded me on our walk that it’s important to stop and smell the flowers.
On Saturday I took Courtney to see the Atlanta Ballet’s production of Cinderella. I wasn’t a huge fan and don’t think Courtney was either. We practically broke our necks trying to get there and then while our seats were good, the lady in front of us was a tall lady and neither of us could see well. The production was barely an hour long, which didn’t make me overly sad, but I’m not sure it was worth whatever I paid for the tickets.
My sweet, sweet boy recovered beautifully from his tubes and by “recovered beautifully” I mean the next day was like any other day. And it was 2 weeks ago. My stomach has been causing me all kinds of problems of late, not sure what the deal is, but Saturday afternoon/evening I curled up on the couch and laid like a lump. My sweet boy kept me company. I’ll take all the cuddling I can get from him because it’s not going to last and when it’s gone, I will be crushed.
There’s been a ton of sewing in my life of late (not that that’s anything new) and this week is QuiltCon and I’m sure pumped. I’m really looking forward to being with my peeps, learning a lot but also a few days away. I have a TON to do before I go and my guess is that I won’t get it all done, which I hate but such is life. I’m also going to have to take my machine in for repair, which is going to take a couple of weeks and who wants to come back from a quilting conference to have no sewing machine???
And can someone explain to me President’s Day? Does anyone actually sit around, celebrating Lincoln or Washington? Do you get a cake? What’s the deal?

Yeah, so…

I clearly suck at the blog thing in 2013. I wrote about how my beautiful boy was having surgery and I was having some PTSD-surgical feelings and then never came back. I should start by saying that Patrick is awesome and he came through with flying colors. And as anyone who’s child has had tubes in the past knows, this procedure takes SECONDS. I mean, I barely had time to pee and get coffee and there he was. And actually, I didn’t get coffee because I couldn’t figure out how the machine works but whatever, it’s a super quick procedure.
I will say that it was HUGELY unnerving to me to walk Patrick into the OR, put him up on the bed, and watch some guy put a mask on my babies face so he could go to sleep. And if it was unnerving to me, I can’t imagine how Patrick felt walking into that big huge room, with all these people in masks and then some mask ending up on his face. Back to me though. If I never have to “participate” in watching my baby be put to asleep again, it’ll be too soon. Hopefully these tubes will take, they’ll fall out on their own in 2-3 years and that’ll be the end of that.
Patrick bounced back a few hours after we got home and some serious quality time in front of the television. Oh yeah, and after some serious food because boy was HUNGRY. By the time dinner rolled around, he was excellent. It was like nothing ever happened, for him. I really feel like his speech has come leaps and bounds since his last ear infection ended in 2012. He’s saying so much more and while he’s not always easy to understand, he’s doing really well. We’ll probably still end up in speech therapy but we’re going to give him some time to work on his speech now that he can hear us all. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how he progresses.

Not like the last time


Tomorrow morning I’ll wake Patrick up and take him to get tubes in his ears. I know that this ia a 5 minute procedure and I won’t even have time to get coffee but that doesn’t make me any less nervous. I mean, they’re tubes and it’s not like someone’s going to take his skull cap out of his head or anything. But the vision I have of Patrick at 5 months being wheeled away for surgery, a tiny boy on a big bed is stuck in my mind. And the vision of him when he came back, swaddled in bandages, propped up on the gurney, and a pacifier stuck in his mouth will probably be the vision I have on his wedding day. 
People have told me repeatedly that this is minor, their child had it, it’s routine and no big deal. And in theory I know that, it’s not a big deal. But he’s still my baby and I’m going to worry no matter what.

Hello little blog

Several people have pointed out to me that I haven’t written in a while. (And by several people I mean my mom and husband – hi people). ALL YEAR to be precise. I mean, not a single entry in January. Terrible and lame, I know. There are lots of reasons why, time being the number 1 factor. I’ve logged a zillion hours this month sewing, followed by a billion hours running, a million hours chasing children, and the rest of the hours sleeping, shopping for food, cooking the food and ignoring the state of my house. Bet you didn’t know there were so many hours in a month, did you?
As we wrap up January (happy birthday mama!!) I find myself pondering things like tubes in ones ears as well as getting ones tubes tied. Summer camp is heavily on my mind, which is bizarre as technically, it’s still January. Daily I’m battling the 4′s as well as the “why why why?” of the 2-year-old. I don’t know know how to keep on top of my house so I don’t even try and we’re drowning in crap. There aren’t enough hours in the day to get done what I’d like to get done and I can’t help but think that when Patrick’s in school 3-4 days a week next year, I’ll have more time. But that’s 8 months from now and isn’t going to help me today. And why am I willing my kids time away?
So really, my life is the same as ever. Busy and crazy but good and we’re all happy and healthy. Now that I’ve taken a month plus off from  my little blog, I’ll try to get back to writing more often. Not that anyone’s reading anymore. Except for my mom and Paul, that is….