I started blogging before I got married to my wonderful husband Paul, about this, that and the other but nothing really all that exciting, I’m sure. In early 2008 I converted my blog to reflect my journey as a wanna-be pregnant lady, to that of a pregnant lady, and now as a full time mom of one. The idea being I could record my life, however dull it may be, so I can someday share it with Courtney (#1 beautiful daughter) so she could have a record of her life. Hopefully we’ll some day have #2 and he or she can also have a record that’s more interesting than the dull facts that are entered into the baby book.
I “quit” working the week before Courtney was born so I could stay at home with Courtney. I was planning on taking about 6 months off (ok, I got laid off but that’s not the point) but I’ve found that I love being home with her so much that I will take all of 2009 off. We’re thinking that I will return to work at some point but I’m going to wait as long as possible because I can’t imagine having some stranger take care of my beautiful baby girl.

Courtney and I keep pretty busy. We go to “exercise” classes where we’ve met some wonderful women and their beautiful babies. We have lunch with friends, both old and new. And we try and avoid going to Target with all of our might because you can’t EVER go in there and get just one thing. I’m really enjoying the full time mom gig but as soon as I start talking to myself in baby speak, it’ll be time to re-enter the world of those who don’t need diapers. And if they are wearing diapers, at least they can change their own.

If you would like to get a hold of me, I’d love to hear from you at karen {at} karenchatters dot com.  If you want to steal my pictures or my content, that would be wrong.