Singing a happy (out of) tune

Patrick is a singer. The boy looooves to sing. It’s beyond adorable. I mean, it’s terrible but it’s SO cute when your 2 year old just belts out a tune. (And really, this video is more about Courtney screaming than Patrick singing. But still, SO cute!)

My kids love Wonder Pets, which they watch on Netflix. No lie, it’s the worst show that was EVER made for TV. I’m not sure what network it was on but I have no doubts that the president of the networks child came up with the idea for the show. Or someone had something they were holding over the presidents head because I can’t imagine why someone would have thought this was a show to pump money into. But alas, they did and my kids love it. Go figure. Anyway, we get a lot of teamwork around here…

Teamwork from Karen Chatters on Vimeo.

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