Why do my posts need titles? I’m too tired for that.

For reasons I can’t begin to comprehend, there’s no school today. It’s a teacher work day, I think, in our county and so our school is closed. Because of course. But as I write this, Courtney is lying on the kitchen floor by the heater and Patrick is still sleeping. I think he’s got a “thing,” he was barking like a seal for a few minutes this morning but then went back to sleep. I guess it’s good there’s no school and we don’t have to rush out the door.
Our week was pretty good, if you can consider using an entire box of tissues on yourself and blowing your nose raw “good.” My beautiful children shared their snot and germs with me and now I’m sick with a crazy runny nose and a 200 pound head. I’m actually feeling better but will be happy when this is gone and I can breathe again. The weather is improving and there’s a hint of spring in the air. I went to that orange, large home improvement store yesterday and they had tons of spring plants, including fruits and veggies for the garden. I think they’re a little optimistic but the signs are all there.
My half marathon training is coming to an end. My run is on St Patrick’s day so one taper run this weekend, some short runs next week and then we’re done! I’m looking forward to the run and it being over. I’m ready to mix up my exercise routine, try and do some crossfit, and also not spend all of my Saturday mornings somewhere else. Of course I’ll keep running but it’ll be nice to have a bit of a break. I was hoping to run the half in 2:10, which would be 12 minutes off of last years 1/2 but I don’t think that’ll happen. I’m going to run with the 2:15 pace group but my legs have been killing me. I need to do some serious foam rolling over the next week. 
I don’t feel like my week was overly productive, thanks to the runny nose but I can’t complain. My little people kept me happy, when they weren’t driving me nuts, and for that I’m truly grateful.

Courtney in her Easter Dress

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