Have you seen my spring?

There’s something wrong when you have to tell your 4 year old that no, she can’t go outside at the end of March in Georgia because it’s too cold and raining (again). Sorry honey, you’d need to bundle up to go out and play, I know it’s almost Easter and all the trees are blooming but I don’t want you to get sick. I don’t feel so bad for not having finished my quilts because I won’t be sitting under them, sweating, when I bind them because it’s so damn cold around here. I doth protest!!
I feel like this never-ending, drab and wet winter (hallo, it’s spring!!) is never going to end and it’s impacting not just who gets to play outside but the spring in my step. It’s depressing. It’s time to move on.
We have had a bit of sunshine though and you can bet my kids have worked on soaking it up while I’ve just been sewing away. I finished 4 Easter/bubble dresses last week while Courtney gardened. In her pajamas. And her vest. I love this kid.
Courtney insisted on posing with the dresses I made while I was photographing them. It was a little odd because normally, she HATES when I take her picture. Maybe we’re turning a corner on photographs but probably not the fake smile…
And Courtney is clearly channeling her inner-Rasta and may be telling us it’s time for a trip to the beach…
It’s a good thing that I have my own little sunshine(s) to keep me happy and warm because Mother Nature certainly isn’t helping me out.


  1. y’all have a garden? we want to start a garden (or, deb does)! maybe you can be our garden consultant.

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