Yeah, so…

I clearly suck at the blog thing in 2013. I wrote about how my beautiful boy was having surgery and I was having some PTSD-surgical feelings and then never came back. I should start by saying that Patrick is awesome and he came through with flying colors. And as anyone who’s child has had tubes in the past knows, this procedure takes SECONDS. I mean, I barely had time to pee and get coffee and there he was. And actually, I didn’t get coffee because I couldn’t figure out how the machine works but whatever, it’s a super quick procedure.
I will say that it was HUGELY unnerving to me to walk Patrick into the OR, put him up on the bed, and watch some guy put a mask on my babies face so he could go to sleep. And if it was unnerving to me, I can’t imagine how Patrick felt walking into that big huge room, with all these people in masks and then some mask ending up on his face. Back to me though. If I never have to “participate” in watching my baby be put to asleep again, it’ll be too soon. Hopefully these tubes will take, they’ll fall out on their own in 2-3 years and that’ll be the end of that.
Patrick bounced back a few hours after we got home and some serious quality time in front of the television. Oh yeah, and after some serious food because boy was HUNGRY. By the time dinner rolled around, he was excellent. It was like nothing ever happened, for him. I really feel like his speech has come leaps and bounds since his last ear infection ended in 2012. He’s saying so much more and while he’s not always easy to understand, he’s doing really well. We’ll probably still end up in speech therapy but we’re going to give him some time to work on his speech now that he can hear us all. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how he progresses.

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