Deep, deep thoughts

My head, it is full of deep thoughts this week. For example…

Why won’t my nose stop running?
Why IS my nose running? I was just sick.
Should I sign up to run the Publix 1/2 Marathon in March?*
Should I sign up to run with the training group?*
Is there a God? 
If there is a God, why would he allow Newtown to happen?
Is it OK to get frustrated with my kids in light of what happened in Newtown?
Why is it that EVERY commercial/Christmas song/small child makes me want to cry?
Would things be easier if I just had one big ugly cry?*
Why do people think that God belongs in schools?
And if we do allow God in our schools, who’s God are we referring to?
Have the people in the NRA lost their ever-loving minds? (Did they have minds to start with?)
Did I remember to get stocking stuffers for Paul?** 
How in the world do I clean this house?
What’s in pimento cheese?
Where will Henry the Elf find himself hiding next?
What’s on the Christmas dinner dessert menu?
My head, it is deep. And is kind of achey after all that.
* – YES is the answer to those questions
** – NO is the answer to that. Oops.

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