You never know what you’re going to see in New York

My siblings and their lovely wives, Paul and I all went to New York this past weekend to belatedly celebrate my 40th. I mean, I could be closer to 41 than 40 at this point (I’m not) but it was well worth the wait. We had a BEAUTIFUL weekend to be in the city. Friday was a bit overcast and windy but Saturday was AMAZING and Sunday eventually warmed up. We walked a zillion miles, as one does in NYC, and saw some amazing things. We did lots of the touristy things, some of the not so touristy things and didn’t get to everything I wanted but that just means I’m going to have to go back.

I always feel so underdressed in NY. But in my defense, it can be hard to get chains and very spiky dog collars through airport security. And if it’s not clear, he’s walking her. Because OF COURSE.

I don’t know what this was or where it was but it was some artist installation somewhere.

Paul was loving enough to follow me all through the Garment District. I kept asking him if he wanted to stop for a drink and he finally said, “I just want to get this over with.” Got it. This is actually a quilt and it was AMAZING. I mean, unbelievable. We went to The City Quilter and 1/4 of the space is gallery space, this was done by Lisa Call.

The top and the bottom of the Rock. The views up top were amazing and it was a BEAUTIFUL day, we got so lucky with the weather.

This was part of the scene from the High Line. I loved the High Line and could definitely see spending lots of time there if I lived in the city.

This weekend was extra special because my brothers and their lovely wives all came with us to the city for the weekend. We’ve never spent time together, just the 6 of us, with no small people or anything so it really meant a lot to me that we could all be together.

There was some parade on 5th Ave in Sunday (according to Google it was the Hispanic Day parade) that we completely just stumbled upon. Everyone was dressed is very elaborate costume and they looked beautiful. The parade was HUGELY loud but fun to watch.

It’s not often (ever before) that we get away from the kids and get to spend some time together, reconnecting. We were go go go the entire time and I’ll need a week to recover from the weekend but it was worth every minute.


  1. Uncle Suckster says:

    No pictures of me throwing up!

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