The Two-ness of it all

Today we celebrate the birth of our beautiful boy, Patrick. Two years gone by, just like that. In a blink of an eye. Unlike with his sister, when Patrick was born, we didn’t know if he was a boy or a girl. I wanted it to be a surprise and while we had a pretty good feeling what was coming, we didn’t know for sure. But as a result, he spent his first few days (or weeks) in pink clothes and flowery onesies but he’s been all boy ever since.
My boy continues to amaze me and bring me joy with each passing day. He’s a happy, outgoing, chattering little guy. He smiles huge smiles, melts you with his big baby blues and will hug you with all of his might. He’s funny and full of energy and worships the ground his sister walks on. WORSHIPS. She takes off her socks, so does he. She pulls up her pant legs, so does he. She walks around in her purse and tutu, so must he. He loves that girl to the end of the earth and there isn’t a day that goes by, while she’s at school, where he does’t say, “Where’s Courtney?” And when we turn the final corner to pick her up from school, he screams from the backseat, “COURTNEY!!!” It’s like they’ve been apart for years.
There’s definitely something to that nature versus nurture bit. Patrick loves his trucks and cars and things that go VROOM. He loves the trash truck, school buses, airplanes and anything that moves. He also loves crashes and throwing things and knocking everything over. And it’s not as though we taught him that, he learned that all on his own. But on the flip side he can push a stroller, with a purse on his arm and his head held high with the best of them. 

There is no end to the joy that Patrick brings me every day. He is a love and a joy to have around. He makes me smile and melts my heart. Everyday he pushes the big boy boundaries, tries harder and harder to be big like his sister but I’m content to keep him young and two. At least for a little while, when it’s OK to hug and kiss and snuggle with his mommy, these days are keepers for sure.


  1. Kelly says:

    How is he two? And some great pictures there!

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