Kids Clothes Week Challenge

I’m super pumped to be participating in the Kids Clothes Week Challenge this week. When I saw it mentioned on Rae’s blog last week, I knew I had to do it. The timing is pretty awful for me but that’s usually the case, so why not jump in with both feet.
I immediately jumped to tracing 4 patterns and prepping my fabric. I started with the Charlie Tunic as a dress (also by Rae) and then just a plain old Charlie Tunic. I’m also making the easiest pants ever and a pullover for Patrick, both patterns in my Sewing for Boys
book. This was a great excuse to make some things that I’ve been wanting to and cut into some fabric I’d been eyeing for a while.

I started with the Tunic as a dress and I can’t lie, it was a wee bit tricky and actually required pinning things and reading the directions. I thought I had bought the dress pattern add-on but it turns out I hadn’t and had to wing it for the dress. It was actually pretty easy. I LOVE this fabric. I love that little donkey on there, he just makes me laugh. But this pattern is just so fun and whimsical, so perfect for a fun little girl.

I’m not even sure I had to rip any stitches out when I was making this. That’s pretty impressive for me and it’s more than I can say for the wicked easy pants I’m making. When a fabric doesn’t have a clear front and back, it turns out I’m not very smart.

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