It’s like living in the zoo

I feel bad that I’ve been all Debbie-downer of late about our home life and our kids and all that jazz. Things have been hard and a challenge but not all the time. We have great moments and lots of love, and even some laughter, but that doesn’t mean that Courtney isn’t going to end up in therapy. Recounting these days when her parents were so mean and they didn’t understand her and why wasn’t she born into a nicer family. Courtney told me this morning that she didn’t want to talk to me ever again (she promptly forgot). She told me later in the afternoon that she wished Patrick and Trouble didn’t live here. Ho hum. Good stuff.
We did have a great weekend though. We had our neighborhood block party, which we LOVE. Sadly Patrick melted about 45 minutes into it and ended up with a fever of 102+. Courtney had a BLAST with the neighborhood kids and desperately wanted to be a big girl. “They called me little, I’m not little.”

The happiness of a Princess at a party


Sometimes you pick and choose clothing battles. I talked him out of the pink princess dress, I considered this a win.

But because of this fever, Courtney and I headed to a birthday party at the zoo without Paul and Patrick. We had a great time and while it wasn’t our first trip to the zoo, it was one of the first where you could see all kinds of things clicking. Things she’d learned or seen in books were there before her, in real life. 

I do need to make sure that Courtney needs to keep her fingers out of other peoples noses. 
I’ll be more than thrilled when this phase is over. People tell me it could last until she goes to college. I’m clinging to the good moments because really, they’re good. And she’s so damn cute.


  1. Issa says:

    Girl three and four is just plain hard. I am a big fan of kindergarten. Or five. Maybe it’s a bit of both. My girls knocked off a lot of the attitude diva crap then.

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