Another tunic top but with an unhappy helper

For day 2 of the KCWC, I actually knocked out 2 items. The easier of the two (which I’ll show tomorrow) took me twice as long as the top. The top was WAY easier this time, once I knew what I was doing. I didn’t add the band to the sleeve as I was just using one fabric and the contrast wasn’t that great. I wasn’t sure how the neck was going to look either but I like it. And while this fabric isn’t going to be all that useful in the winter, she may be able to wear it on a warm fall day or we’ll just wait until spring.
And I suppose, technically, it’s not quite finished but I don’t have a button I like for the shirt and I didn’t want to put something on there simply for the sake of taking the picture. I was also just happy to get the damn pictures taken. Someone was TOTALLY unhappy and unwilling to pose. I threatened no more iPad for LIFE and she gave in. Kids.



  1. Leone Holder says:

    Oh, Mom, she is so doggone cute and getting to be a big girl.

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