See ya summer

I’d like to say we ended the summer with a bang, swimming and beach trips and fireworks and picnics buuuut, no. None of that. We celebrated the end of summer by doing a whole bunch of nothing. And by nothing I mean, well, nothing. Poor Courtney asked me 15 times if we could go swimming and it never happened. SO TERRIBLE. Beyond lame.

So while we haven’t been doing anything all that exciting, I’ve been super busy. Sew sew sew. I even went to the big box craft/fabric store today and bought 15 yards of muslin so I could work on my clothing patterns. No more cutting nice fabric until I know exactly what I’m doing. I finished clothes for the kids for the first week of school (THIS WEEK!!!) and worked on a quilt. I finished another quilt and managed to get it washed. And there’s so much more I want to make but not enough hours in the day!!  AHHHH!!!!

I finished this and washed it. I need better pix (obviously) but love this. Why is it that I end up liking the backs more than the front?
This is a star for my quilting class. I can’t lie, love this star but DAMN it’s a ton of cutting, especially if you’re making an entire quilt. Also, those triangles on the corner irritate me. I’d make it again without those corners and square it up another way.
I made Patrick the shirt in the upper left corner and Courtney the dress and the skirt.
School starts tomorrow, maybe those will be my “more hours in the day…”


  1. Kelly says:

    I can’t wait for my awesome skirt by Karen. :) yeah school!

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