Busy, busy, Busytown

Courtney LOVES Richard Scary’s Busytown. Or ‘Huckle,’ in these here parts. She loves to read it and she loves to watch it. Did you even know it was a show? Apparently it was. And, sadly, Courtney’s cycled through the 97 episodes at least 97 times. She LOVES it. 
So the other day I was in Whipstitch, where Deborah is liquidating her fabric, and I was lamenting at the tiny selection that they have left. While I’m super pumped about the sewing studio and the zillion classes they are going to be offering, I’ll miss rolling around in the fabric. Or something. I mean, um… Any who… They still have Busytown fabric in stock in the store. I mentioned how much Courtney loves Busytown and the lady there says, “well, I just happen to have this premade bundle here.” And low and behold, there was a 5 yard bundle that included a little panel.
I didn’t really have a plan but I knew that whatever it was, Courtney was going to love it. 
I’m not sure what it’s measuring but I knocked this out in no time. It’s crazy busy but it is Busytown so I’m not going to worry about it. And I’m not going to look at it much. What I love about this quilt though is that because I didn’t spend a great deal of time on it, I can work on free motion quilting and if I screw it up, I won’t cry for long. I’m going to start with a couple of pillows from the leftover red and yellow fabric on the outside before I try quilting the quilt itself. 
Courtney’s super pumped though. She keeps asking me if I’m done and can we put it in her room, on the bed, and can Elmo’s family live on it. That doesn’t sound like much but that’s HUGE in these here parts. More to come when I get going on the quilting!!

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