Wedding bells

I realized the other day that I never fully wrote about the quilt that I made for my brother and his new wife. So, here you go. You are WELCOME.

I can’t lie, I was pretty thrilled with how this quilt turned out. I had originally bought a charm pack (48 5×5 squares) of the pezzy fabric, not really knowing what I was going to do with it. I knew I wanted to make the happy couple a quilt and decided to dive on in. I went to my local fabric store and we found a great mermaid painters canvas by Michael Miller (read: blue) fabric to go with it. I cut all my squares in half and joined them with the blue (sort of) and decided that the quilt wasn’t big enough. So I bought ANOTHER charm pack, more mermaid (read: blue) fabric and did it all over again.

I wasn’t really thinking about the amount of ironing that went along with this project. I basically cut each square into quarters, joined them with more quarters, sewed the squares into rows, and sewed the rows together. And all of that would have been FINE, if I hadn’t had to iron all those damn seams. That was a TON of seams. Anyway…

I really wanted the back to reflect some kind of loving tone. Because the front was so crazy in color and I wanted the X and the O (a hug and a kiss) to really pop, I went with a grey for the back and a white for my letters. I was THRILLED with how they turned out. I mean, THRILLED. I hadn’t ever done and X or an O but it worked out really well.

I had originally picked out a herringbone fabric for the border and after I cut all my binding and ironed that too, I decided it was just too much. I even consulted Paul for his input, just to make sure it wasn’t just me. It wasn’t, it was too much so I went with the yellow.

It may not show but I really spent a lot of time on the layout of the quilt. Even though the front is VERY busy, I wanted to go with something of a “sun”, happy feeling. If you look at the quilt from a distance, you can kind of tell that the yellow is in the center with the orange branching out into sun rays, so to speak. I then quilted the center as a circle with straight lines coming out from there, again as a sun. It didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped, and of course after I finished the quilt, I read a book on another way to achieve the same look with better results. Go figure.

The quilted center

But all in all, I was really pleased with it. Someone said the other day that it’s easy to get lost in life and marriage but it’s harder to drift apart when you’re under the same quilt. I love that and it’s exactly what I was going for. I just hope the happy couple enjoys it.


  1. Dario says:

    A beautiful work of art!

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