The storm before the calm

Posting has been light in these here parts of late. Mostly because I don’t have much to say but also because I haven’t had much time. I’ve been spending a TON of time in front of the sewing machine when I do have free time. I’m taking 2 online classes with Deborah as well as cranking out some quilts. Things here are busy this week, although way quieter as Courtney’s been in camp all week. Life with 1 kid is WAY easier than 2 but those moments when the 2 are playing nicely are so awesome. It’s extra awesome when they’re playing nicely together. 

My friend was kind enough to let me borrow one of her camera lenses at the park today for the fancy camera. I’ve been having problems focusing of late with my lens and while it could be my eyes don’t work well, we suspect it was the equipment and not user error. I managed to snap a few good ones today at the park. Of course, the one I like the most has way too much light but still, don’t you just want to hug and kiss this boy?

We also had a fence and gate installed this week, primarily to keep the damn dog in. It turns out that we’re also keeping the cattle in. Or out, not sure which. That would be super important if we had cows or lived near a farm but we don’t, we live in the burbs and there are NO cows anywhere near here. (Although our neighbor said he saw a coyote at 12:15 this afternoon!!) What you can’t tell from this fence is that on the other side of those boards, it’s a straight up cattle fence. It’s BEYOND awful and we’re sure our neighbors HATE us. Which is sad because we really like them. Damn dog.

This is one of the quilts that I’ve been working on the past couple of weeks. It was meant to be a small 2×3 foot quilt but is more like a 4xalmost 5 foot quilt. Oops.  It’s all boy though and the back/binding and boyness of it all I just LOVE. The squiggly lines with the star burst binding, SO fab. I didn’t even touch the back, just slapped it on and left it as one big piece of fabric. My hope is to finish it next week so I can have pictures soon.

I found this on my phone today. NO idea how the kids did this (although maybe they did it on the iPad?) but aren’t they SO talented!!

And I’ll leave you today with a little sass. I LOVE this girl, she just kills me. Of course, it’s 800 degrees out when she’s sitting on the swing, wearing the hat but I could just die with the cuteness of her in her brothers hat. DIE I say.

We have some fun stuff coming up next week and I’m super excited for some relaxation and reading time. We’re actually hitting the beach and I can’t wait to sit under an umbrella, my feet in the sand, a book under my nose and perhaps some cocktails in my belly. (Who are we kidding, I’ll be running around the beach, chasing small humans but it’s going to be so fun!!) Ciao!!

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