In the summertime

There’s something to there’s that ol’ “There’s no place like home” saying but there’s also something to be said for a first floor condo ON the beach.  That’s free, has a washer and a dryer and EVERYTHING you need because your SIL owns it…
Our trip this year was really great. We didn’t get as much time as we’d hoped with our FL nieces and nephews as they are already back in school. On the other hand, the beach was pretty much ours for the taking because EVERYONE is back in school. More times than not Courtney would state in complete amazement, “THE OCEAN IS IN OUR BACKYARD!!”
Our mornings weren’t rushed or hurried, we fought over the application of sunblock (EVERY morning) and then over buckets and shovels (reminder for beach trip 2013: buy 2 of everything) but we were on the beach sometime between 10-11. We’d play and swim and get dirty and generally have a wonderful time.
Sometimes we’d bring lunch TO the kids and other times they’d come up to the condo for a late lunch. Patrick would nap in the afternoons and Courtney would return to her castle masterpieces. We were guaranteed some type of rain storm or crazy clouds and wind every afternoon around 3 or 4, which was a pretty great stopping point anyway.
There were beach cocktails and tons and tons of peel and eat shrimp for dinner. I gained FOUR pounds, which feels like 40, and I only ran once all week. Blah.  It seems like every year the trips get easier, more relaxing, more fun. Last year Patrick wasn’t mobile and didn’t like the beach so someone was inside with him pretty much all week. Not this year, it was hard to keep the kid inside. Honestly, the saving grace was a tiger shaped throw rug inside the door that Patrick was TERRIFIED of and he wouldn’t walk on it. Had that rug not been there, we would have had a hard time keeping him safe.
Our trip home on Saturday was long and exhausting but not as terrible as it could have been. As we pulled into the driveway, after almost 7 hours in the car, Courtney says, “That didn’t take long.”  Paul and I just had to laugh, through our tears. Until next year!

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