Things in our house have been busy, which I suppose is no different than any one else’s home or any other day. The kids are crazy but in a good way. They’re busy and exhausting and literally eating us out of house and home. There’s been a lot more independent play, for both kids, and I love watching them create little worlds with dolls or trucks or crayons and paper. I’m really working with Courtney on respect and caring and being a good person. She asks me every 30 minutes if it’s time for Patrick to take a nap. It’s not. She just wants him gone. Not nice kid, not nice at all. If we keep really busy, we have good days. But if there’s nothing planned, our days suck.

I’ve been trying to get some sewing done but have been sucked into the Olympics instead. I try to ignore the internet and all the spoilers during the day, but it’s hard. I love the swimming and I’m SO my mothers kid when it comes to getting 100% involved in an event. I’m making sound effects and “eeking” and “oohing” and screeching away like I’m there. Which I’m not. But sitting in front of the TV is causing me NOT to sit in front of my sewing machine. And that’s not terrible but I’m never going to get SewHub off the ground if I don’t get off my duff.

Courtney and Patrick don’t start school for another month, where most of their friends start in the next couple of weeks. I REALLY need to find something for them to do, or for Courtney to do, before I lose my mind. I try to keep busy but I lack imagination and things to do with them. Unless we get up and out the door by 8:30/9:00 then it’s almost too hot to do anything outside. And let me tell you how often we get out the door by 9…

I think there’s no point to this rambling wreck of a post. Life goes on and I have a super hugely exciting weekend planned, which I hope goes super slowly and I don’t waste it away. But more on that Monday. Happy weekend all!

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