Update on Trouble and a little life thrown in

Go figure we decide to do a trial adoption on a dog on the hottest weekend in a zillion years. Or so it seems. But things went well and since we don’t have a fence, and we had to walk Trouble on a leash, I did a lot of sweating this weekend. But all in all, things were good. Trouble needs some serious leash work as I practically broke my neck several times while running along. I’m not totally sure how you delinieate between Trouble toys and kid toys but a few kid toys ended up in the trash (although honestly, I’m not complaining). I was uber cautious of the kids with Trouble but he did way better than they did and as for sleeping, Trouble’s a keeper and Courtney’s looking to get returned. Paul wanted Trouble to be in the bed with us, which I found surprising, and it may have worked out well for me but not so for Paul. But that’s not going to last and from here on out, Trouble goes back into his own bed. Today Trouble will go back to his rescue guy and in a couple of weeks we’ll get him back. In the meantime, I’m getting a fence put in.

We did make our weekly jaunt to the farmers market on Saturday where I didn’t really get much but the tomatoes were in serious abundance. My tomato plants are in full bloom, which is the same for all the local farmers. We’re not going to be around much this week so it didn’t make sense to get much but I’ll be eating cherry tomatoes for a very long time. We did take Trouble with us and he was less than certain he liked the place. That could have something to do with his previously being paraded around there like some beauty queen up for sale (I have no idea what that means).


Paul had a birthday this weekend and he is a full-fledge member of the mid-40’s club. I am not, just so we’re clear. We had breakfast and dinner out and they fully embarassed him at the hibachi place. I also sent him to the spa for a massage and I’m just not sure he appreciated the fabulousness of it all. Although, he only had an hour massage and I do feel there’s a big difference with a 90 minute massage. Either way, that’s almost 2 kid-free hours so quite-bliss either way.

Otherwise life was the same as always. There was cleaning and haircuts and errands and I finished up a sewing project that I’m HUGELY proud of but can’t post about until next week. The annual Atlanta Peachtree Road Race is tomorrow morning and honestly, I haven’t run in a week. Well, Trouble and I have run some but definitely not that far. I’m hoping that means I’ll have fresh legs and be done in no time at all.

Post run

HAPPY 4th of JULY!!


  1. Andi says:

    Its nice to finally have a face to go with the “ball licker” stories : ) Glad Trouble seems to fit in. He’s cute! And glad it was a good weekend. My tomato plants are getting there! I’m so anxious.


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