Last week was pretty huge for me. Not only did I get my super fab new minivan, but I also ordered, and received, a Roomba. From Costco. I am SO cool. If you don’t know what a Roomba is, you’re missing out on coolness. And laziness.

See… First it started with the new dog. Trouble. He sheds. A LOT. Big. Huge. Black hair everywhere. Seriously. And I’m thinking, I do not want to have to spend time every day vacuuming. I just don’t. And won’t. And then I was watching a documentary Breaking Bad and the meth head had a Roomba. And it was so cute and quiet and was doing such amazing job cleaning up the meth mess that I decided a Roomba was perfect for me.

And because you didn’t ask, and no one gave me a free Roomba, here’s my review:

  • If you’re goal is not to have to vacuum regularly but you want a semi-clean floor, get a Roomba. It does a good job for where it cleans but it doesn’t clean everywhere. I mean, it is a robot and it has no idea about my floor plan so it misses some places. The grass clippings from my flip flops are still in the same place as they were 2 days ago. On the other hand, the 100’s of thread clippings under the sewing table are gone.
  • If you don’t care about your fragile furniture, it’s going to probably/maybe/eventually dent/scratch your chairs. The damn thing keeps crashing into the chairs but maybe if they never moved, that wouldn’t happen.
  • It’s LOUD. I mean, it’s not as loud as an upright vacuum cleaner but it’s not silent. Now maybe it’s just my model (the 550, which is meant for pets) but it’s going to drown out your kid in the other room who won’t stop whining. So maybe that’s not such a bad thing.
  • It doesn’t hold a lot of dirt. Or maybe it does but my house is SO dirty that I need to empty it more often than not. Forget this point.
  • It can’t climb stairs or up on my couch. It’s lazy too.
All in all, it’s pretty cool. It cleaned under the bed, which I’m sure hasn’t happened since we moved in. It did try to vacuum my foot and I had showered so I’m not sure why it thought I was dirty. But if I only want to spend the time vacuuming once or twice a month week, this Roomba is going to be my new best friend. It certainly encourages me to sit on the couch and watch it clean. Next up, teaching Patrick how to clean windows.


  1. Uncle Suckster says:

    I am surprised that the Roomba doesn’t come with the ‘5 minute ab’ workout.

  2. Issa says:

    Mine is so old that it hacks. I will be so sad when she croaks. Oh yeah…name it. I swear they last longer that way. Mine is Giselle. I like making models clean for me. Heh.

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