On Saturday we returned from our 9 day trip back to my hometown in Connecticut. I had a fabulous time celebrating my baby brothers marriage to a wonderful woman. I’m super excited for them, thinking of the road they have ahead and the adventures that await them.

The happy couple

Their wedding was awesome and I can honestly say that I haven’t had that much to drink since before I was pregnant with Courtney. It became apparent that it was time to go home when I lost all ability to speak. We all danced like fools and we even managed to get Paul out on the dance floor. Or so the pictures tell me.

Paul’s either dancing or he’s under arrest, not sure which.

One of 77 attempts at getting a family photo

The cousin seems a bit unsure

Our week wasn’t overly exciting. We ate great food, swam a lot, ate more food, visited with family and generally enjoyed one another’s company. My dad took the week off, which was really nice and I know that Courtney especially appreciated having him there. As always, the sleeping wasn’t amazing but since we were there for so long, things kind of worked themselves out. I’m sure the kids knew that we were leaving though because the night before we left, none of us slept which made getting home and sleeping in our own beds all the more awesome. We haven’t had the same issues as our last return home what with the screaming and the not sleeping and the general desire to sell my children. Perhaps that’s because this trip was longer with more routine and less hurry hurry hurry wait.

One of my favorite people with my other favorite people

But that’s not to say that returning home has been slow. We’ve been going nonstop since we got here, mostly in prep for our new little friend, Trouble. We wasted no time in having him brought home and he arrived on Sunday afternoon. Things with him have been going really well although I’m SURE he may have enjoyed the house he came from, with 5 dogs, to our house with the 2 toddlers.

The boys

Life is getting back to “normal” now that we’re home and the chaos that’s ensued is LOUD. But it’s nice to be home, even if it is hotter than hell here. (To be completely fair, CT was pretty freaking hot when we left there too.) And what have YOU been up to?

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