Polar opposites

We’re 5 days in to the Trouble zone and to be honest, things couldn’t be better. Trouble is no trouble at all. But it’s weird to have a dog in the house again, having a dog that’s not Hunter. Hunter and I were together for 16 1/2 years and we’d gotten used to one another. I’d gotten used to him and his ways. Your dog is like your child, you love them to death and you wouldn’t trade them for anything but no one else wants them.

But getting a new dog is like starting over. You have to get to know one another. Feel one another out. Walk around one another and see how things go. But all my dog experience ties back to Hunter and that’s where I feel like I’ve had a newborn all over again. Hunter and Trouble couldn’t possibly be any different.


Hunter would eat his food in 10 seconds flat. I’m not sure there was much chewing. Put a treat down and you were in danger of losing a finger in the process.

Trouble has been working on the same meal all day. At the vet, I gave him a treat on the way out the door and he finished it 5 hours later.


When Hunter was a puppy, he’d run laps around the apartment for hours. You practically needed padding to avoid decapitation by a 10 pound puppy.

Trouble: He’s lazy. I went to take him for a run with me on Tuesday morning and I had to drag him down the street to get going. I let him out Wednesday and he just laid in the grass. One of those, “don’t make me walk to pee, it’s too tiring” kind of moments.


Hunter would play with, and hump, every dog that came by. He could have cared less how big the dog was, or how small, the dog was play worthy. He’d run, jump, dance around with and have a blast with any creature.

Trouble is afraid of all dogs and all people. One of our neighbors has 2 small, yippy dogs. They are SO irritating. They yip and yap and generally try and jump on everything. Trouble is TERRIFIED of them. I mean, combined the 2 dogs weigh less than Trouble. He could eat THEM for breakfast, if he were interested in eating, but instead he cowers.

I’m not sure how much of this is the newness of it all, Trouble’s getting to know us. Or if this is just the way he is. Either way, there’s no trouble here, just a great new friend.

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