A week of celebration

This week has been full of parties and runs and singing and dancing and we have much more to go! Seriously, it’s a good thing that every week isn’t like this…

We started the week celebrating Paul’s birthday. From there we went to Coldplay where Chris Martin had me swooning in my seat. I had a blast but I’m thinking this guy wasn’t as impressed as I was.

The concert was really amazing but when it was over we found ourselves trapped on the 7th floor of a parking deck where we sat FOREVER (or 30 minutes), just trying to get out. I mean, I spent most of the concert thinking that I needed to wear more sensible shoes. What the hell am I still doing awake at 11:30 in some parking deck? Sober? I guess this is what the 40’s are all about.

Tuesday proved to be kind of rough what with the 12:30 bedtime the night before. We were nonstop all day though and we started with throwing Courtney in the pool.

OK, not literally but I did want her to get one last lesson in for the week as I feel like she’s on the cusp of something. All that work we did teaching her to swim before, yeah it’s gone. So not awesome.

This morning I got up at some stupid hour to go run the Peachtree Road Race. My start time was an hour earlier than last years so while it was hot at 8:09:30 when I started (seriously, that was the start time), it wasn’t terrible. Although it was pretty terrible at the end. I’m pretty sure I didn’t dress appropriately though.

I managed to cut 7 minutes off my time from last year so that’s nice. I stopped in the EXACT same places as last year though, need to work on those hills.

We managed to get in some swimming today as well. I couldn’t get the kids out of the pool, even when I tempted them with food. They just weren’t having it. Courtney wanted to eat all her food IN the pool. Kind of gross.

But the week’s celebrations are really only half over. My baby brother is getting married on FRIDAY so we’re off to celebrate with him and enjoy their special day. I’m thinking we may have a tough time getting a good family photo…

And lastly, I did manage to get this done, just under the wire and I hope they love it as much as I do. I hope you’re all having a great week!


  1. Kelly says:

    Love the new look & feel – have a great celebration!

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