Parents, listen to your children

Yesterday after Courtney was done with quiet time, she had a sneezing fit. Maybe 12-15 sneezes in a row. I told her to blow her nose, which works about 20% of the time. She’ll sniff in instead of blow out and none of her snot-related issues are resolved. But yesterday she did well but just kept on sneezing. Then she said, “I have paper in my nose.” I was thinking she meant there was some tissue in her nose and I kind of ignored it. I’m awesome like that.

But over the course of the remainder of the afternoon, the sneezes just kept on coming. And she’d blow her nose here and there but sneeze after sneeze after sneeze. Fast forward several HOURS later and at this point she’s told Paul and I that there’s paper in her nose and we’ve both ignored it. I mean, why would there be paper in her nose?

So at bed time I put her in bed and she’s sneezing and sneezing and I think, she needs some claritin. I go into the bathroom for a tissue and bring it back to her and she has a really good blow. And I see this black thing sticking out of her nose. So I tell her to blow again and she inhales. Again. Inhale. Again. Inhale. Again. She blows and I see this tiny little black thing and so I say, “DON’T BREATHE!!” I manage to grab it and I pul and pull AND pull some more and out comes this piece of paper. Sure enough, the kid has paper in her nose. I look at it and it’s roughly 3/4 of an inch by 1+ inches. And it’s CARDSTOCK. Not just paper but cardboardy paper. And she says, “See, there’s paper in my nose.”

So yeah, the awesomeness that is parenting just keeps on going.

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