Mish mash

This week has been exhausting, to say the least. Patrick is undergoing some sleep training and it’s not going overly smoothly. We’re putting him to bed earlier, in hopes of getting him to sleep better and sleep later, and it’s not going as quietly as one would hope. And then this morning he’s woken up with snot running down his nose and Paul and I are too tired to get a tissue. My guess is that we’ll get him into a routine, only to rip him out of it next week and then try to force him back in to it. Either way, there’s little sleep happening here.

I try not to go to Starbucks much because it’s expensive and I have a coffee maker at home but yesterday morning, after a terrible night, I was trying to rush us out the door because the cleaning people were here and I hadn’t had time to get my caffeine on. As I was sitting in the drive through parking lot, I noticed they have a new coconut cooler drink doohickey. It sounded delicious and cool and refreshing and I wanted one but was thinking abut the zillion calories it had. (Oddly, I wasn’t thinking about the zillion calories and 98 fat grams when I was shoving a cheese and jalapeño filled croissant down my throat 10 minutes prior to that.) So as I sat in the drivethru, I was frantically searching on my phone for the calorie count of said drink and I slowly pulled up to the microphone. Now, I had looked behind me and there was no one there, so I wasn’t holding anyone up but, the guy behind the curtain did say something like, “I hate to interrupt your email reading but would you like a drink.” BUSTED. Needless to say I didn’t get the drink, I got some strawberry thing, had a sip and gave the rest to the kids. Oh, and I had some coffee too.

Patrick’s been UBER clingy of late and it’s a challenge to get anything done. Over the weekend I made the mistake of going to the basement to do some laundry and he was screaming so enthusiastically that I thought maybe he’d lost a limb. And peeing alone? Forget it. I tried to make some spaghetti the other night, that was a mistake. It could be that he’s just so exhausted from screaming all night that he’s reluctant to leave my side. But in the meantime, the neighbor came over to bring me a HUGE pile of homegrown green beans and Patrick was so terrified that I was going to leave him and this guy was going to babysit that I’m surprised the guy didn’t call DFCS.

I have managed to get some sewing completed this week, although not as much as I’d like. I asked Courtney to model some things for me and she was a bit reluctant because it was “TV time” but because it was TV time she cooperated in fear of losing out on that damn show. Apparently if you threaten the removal of TV while you can literally touch the thing, you can get almost anything done.

Art Smock made with Urban Zoologie laminate

Brown Bear Messenger Bag

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