Wondering if vacation is worth it

I’m wondering if we should cancel all future vacations until further notice – maybe until 2018. Last week was so exhausting and overwhelming for all of us and frankly, no one has recovered in this house. Patrick and Courtney have decided that sleep is for the weak and they’re just not doing it. Patrick is taking, on average, over an hour to fall to sleep Every Night. Courtney is also taking forever to fall asleep, she isn’t sleeping through the night, she won’t nap and she’s a wee bit unpleasant at times. Sunday morning she woke up at 3:30 and 5:30 to pee. Or perhaps she was awake FROM 3:30-5:30, reading by the nightlight, and she’s completely out of her mind with exhaustion. I don’t know, you decide where the fun is in that. It hasn’t been the greatest week for us. There’s decidedly less whining and crank when there’s only one kid around but I’m not sure how to make that a permanent state without shipping one kid off to a grandparent for a couple of years. In the meantime, there’s fighting and tears and lots of whine and complaining and I have no idea how to get these people back on track and sleeping the way people should be. Any ideas?

But last weeks trip to Florida wasn’t all sadness and melancholy. Courtney actually had a fabulous time with her cousin and will be talking about it until we can get to the farm again. It’s a good thing we don’t have a trip planned there for a while, I’m thinking it’s going to take us a year to get back on track.


  1. April says:

    We are contemplating the same thing for our normal October trip to VA. We skipped last year so we’ve done it as a family of 4. My biggest quandary is will anyone sleep at my MIL’s house. Or will all the fun we have make up for the lack of sleep? Thanks to the internet we know we aren’t the only people that go through this vacation confusion. Adorable pics of the kids in the farm. Rylie would LOVE a farm :)


  1. Re-entry says:

    […] which made getting home and sleeping in our own beds all the more awesome. We haven’t had the same issues as our last return home what with the screaming and the not sleeping and the general desire to sell […]

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