Five years

It’s hard to believe it’s been 5 years since Paul and I were married on a beautiful, but VERY hot, day in Cozumel. So much has happened in those 5 years. We’ve traveled, moved twice, had kids, said goodbye to loved ones, welcomed new family members, survived living with family, and each other, and we still like one another. Dare I say we even still love one another!


I think there’s something to be said about getting married when you’re older. You’re wiser. Maybe. But you’re more confident in who you are as a person. Of course, you’re more set in your ways and perhaps adjusting to a new person, or 3, is a bit more challenging but that’s what life is all about. Right? No one said that marriage was easy. I think in many ways it’s easier to add a new life with yours when your in your 30’s than in your 20’s. Hopefully.

Some days it seems like just yesterday that we got married and other days it seems like 50 years. I wouldn’t trade in any of those days, except maybe that one, for anything. It’s been such an amazing 5 years, I can’t wait to see (although, I can really wait – there’s no rush) what the next 5 bring.

Huge love Paulie. Thank you for being you.

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