So excited – and don’t forget the giveaway!!

There are a zillion things going on over here. For example, the zillion chipmunks are ALL up in my garden and I’m about to wage war. Anyone know how to go about getting a pet hawk? The house is a DISASTER and I was completely convinced this was the week the cleaning people come because there’s no way any house could get this messy in just a week. But yeah, mine can because they don’t come until NEXT Thursday and in the meantime, I’m drowning in crumbs and crayons and playdough droppings. Our first week of summer vacation was a big eye opener to me and my day on Tuesday of just wanting to relax and do nothing COMPLETELY backfired and the small people in this house were a mess. By 10am. Oh, and I’m not sure how I didn’t know but these small people EAT A TON. It’s like they’re all busy growing or something. Damn them.

But in other exciting news, there’s a TON of sewing going on over here. And I mean A TON. I just finished a few custom orders, including baby bibs, burp cloths and carseat tents. The seat tents are ADORABLE.

Super cute carseat tent - keep your hands off mah baby!

I also have 4 quilts in some stage of activity. One I’m hand sewing the binding on, one I will quilt today and then start binding and one is a gift and I’m waiting for some fabric to arrive in the mail.

Excuse the crap picture - this is actually 3 different quilts

And I’ve finally cut into the fabric that I bought months ago to decorate Courtney’s room with. Courtney has a cute little window bench in the dormer window in her room, which is the perfect place to sit and read. So I’ve made 2 pillows, I’m making a window seat and some curtains.

Curtains with a little Lizzy House fabric

The other news I’m super excited about is that I’ve launched my SewHub Etsy shop!!! Although it’s a really quiet launch as there’s almost nothing in it but I hope to be adding a bunch of stuff to it in the next couple of weeks. So please think of me when you need a baby gift or a bag or a skirt or anything!

And lastly, today is the last day to enter my giveaway!! Be sure to leave your comment on THAT post, the odds of winning are pretty good!

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