And the Easter clothes are finished!

I’ve been a busy little sewing bee of late. I’ve been cranking out clothes for the kids for our Easter weekend and I’m super excited with what I have. I have something for Patrick to wear to a couple of events and something for Courtney for Easter brunch and the Easter egg hunt. I’m loving everything I’ve made of late and despite the fact that I’ve ripped out almost as many stitches as I’ve put in, I feel like I have a pretty solid set of clothing.

Without further ado…

Courtney’s Easter dress:

Modkid Frida by Patty Young

modkid Frida by Patty Young

The bodice should actually be on a white background but I washed the fabric with something read (dur) and it now has a pink background. The good news? It was an even bleed and the pink goes with the rest of the fabric.

Patrick has 2 new pairs of pants to wear over Easter weekend:

Treasure Pocket Pants

Treasure Pocket Pants

As well as:

Treasure Pocket Pants

Although, until he’s walking more, I almost don’t want him wearing any of this. Both pairs of pants are a linen/cotton blend and one scoot across the ground and riiiippppp.

And a new shirt, which I luuuuuuuve:

Toddler Boy Shirt

Toddler Boy Shirt

Please note the label - I'm FIRED UP to have my own label!!!

He was going to wear this for Easter but I decided after I made it that it was too big. But now I’m thinking maybe it’s not THAT big:



I really feel like my sewing has stepped up as of late. Things are getting easier and I spend less time thinking, “what the f*&% are they talking about?” when I’m reading a pattern.

And for the record, when I took these pictures the only item that was 100% finished was Courtney’s dress so I know the shirt is missing a button and the pants weren’t hemmed. But, everything is now finished so go forth and be Easter-y!!


  1. Rae says:

    oh my goodness all of it, SO CUTE! Those TP’s turned out really really great — love those whale ones!! YAY!


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