The Post-Christmas Blahs

Christmas has come and gone and now I’m all sad.  I love everything about Christmas, up to the 26th and then it’s all crap.  There are now pine needles and wrapping paper on the floor, and tons of trash and crap to CLEAN UP.

Christmas Eve was awesome.  Fabulous.  Amazing.  Perfect.  I slaved in the kitchen all day, working on perfection for dinner.  OK, I didn’t slave and it wasn’t perfect but it did take me quite a while to make everything and it all came out wonderfully.

I had a great time with family.


I made apple pie.


And scalloped potatoes.

And beef tenderloin in a salt crust.


And cippolini onions in a balsamic glaze.

And some dumb salad.

And there were kings and queens in attendance.


And laughter.


And happy, but tired, babies and parents.


And then Santa came and brought presents.


And cousins sent excellent gifts that come wrapped in packaging that is harder than Fort Knox to get into.

And Courtney decided that this present thing was so good, she was going to take my wallet and shop some more.  Sadly for her, there’s not much in there but overdrawn credit cards.


Courtney is starting her cooking career early, with her new kitchen.  This is awesome for me, I can now stop making her three meals a day.


And there was much laughter with our cousin J and the dining room doors


Now you see me!

Now you see me!

And now you see me!

It was a long day and everything was great.  Except for the part where Courtney fell on her face and bit into her lip(?) and then bled for hours.  I’ve seen her fall and bleed before but never like this.  Poor Paul hadn’t experienced this type of baby disaster before and immediately passed her off to me.  After a while, he recovered but mostly because the stupid thing just kept bleeding and there wasn’t much else he could do but help with it.

We left dinner a little early but pretty late for our tired girl.  She was exhausted but I think she had a great day.  I know that I did.

But now it’s over.  And I have to clean.  I did get up Saturday morning at 6:30 to be at Target by 7.  I’m such a loser. I’m so sad that it’s all over.  Christmases are going to get better as Courtney gets older.  You can see the joy in her eyes when she has a new toy, the love of something new brings her much joy.  And she brings me so much joy.  So much.


And, I’m keeping the honesty going here.  I worked out Christmas Eve day, skipped Christma (and had left over apple pie for breakfast) but worked out for 45 minutes on Saturday morning to make up for the pie (and the Chik-Fil-A that I had for breakfast while shopping).  I think the calories are still winning.  I also worked out Sunday and made dinner for 24 people.  More on that tomorrow.

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