Rolling with it

We had a crazy weekend this weekend.  I mean CRAZY!!  OK, it wasn’t in the least bit crazy to many but for us, it was crazy busy.  We dragged Courtney hither and yon, we messed with her nap schedule, we gave her foods she’d never eaten before, we drove here, there and over there and it was exhausting on so many levels.

We went to a lacrosse game.

We went to a birthday party.

We went to a dinner.

We went to another dinner.

We went to a kids festival.

We visited with dear friends, old and new.

We laughed.

Some of us cried.

We ate cake.

We ate pie.

We slept little.

We had a great weekend.

And Courtney rocked it.  She was so good.  She laughed and talked and talked and talked.  She probably walked 1000 little baby steps behind her push toy.  (Our beautiful baby girl has a Frankenstein like quality as she walks behind her push toy, without bending her legs.)  She played with little kids and big kids.  She smiled huge smiles and loved on us.

It was a wonderful weekend.  It was exhausting.  I can’t tell you the last time we did THREE things in one day.  We NEVER mess with the nap schedule like we did this weekend.  And we had a great time being together as a family.  It helped that this was the PERFECT fall weekend.  Beautiful blue skies, not a cloud in site, 70 degree temps, it was glorious.

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