Taking life a little slower

Courtney and I drove down to The Ford Plantation on Wednesday so we could enjoy a long weekend with my parents.  They were supposed to come and visit us last weekend but due to crap weather in the Northeast, they didn’t make it.  So in my infinite wisdom, I told my prents I would drive the 4 hours down to see them, on my own with an 11 month old.  We actually had a pretty good drive down, considering that we were pushing dinner time and Courtney had been strapped in her car seat for hours with a couple of short naps.

The Ford Plantation is so relaxing.  They have golf (I don’t play) and tennis (don’t play that either) and horseback riding (don’t do that) and fishing (nope, no fishing for me) and swimming (we did that) and excellent food (I ate a TON of that) and it’s quiet and very pretty.  My parents and I were staying in separate houses, just a few “blocks” from one another, which was nice for me so I didn’t have to worry about Courtney waking them up with her crying.  I was able to walk back and forth for naps and meals and to enjoy the beautiful morning, take life a little slower.  We were up and out pretty early in the morning, watching the mist rise over the golf course, enjoying the chill in the air.  We hardly got in the car when we were there, there was no need.  There was a lot of walking and strolling and while we still had to stick with our sleep, eat, and play schedule, there was nowhere to go, no rushing from here to there, no errands to run.  We actually had time to admire the mums.



My dad was sweet enough to fly Paul down at the last minute so we were all able to enjoy the weekend together.  We went to an oyster fest where they had hundreds of oysters, cooking over the fire.  Paul shucked and shucked and we ate and ate and had a great time outside, playing with other babies and eating our weight in saltines (well, Courtney did).  And after we ate all those things, we then had dinner.  We also went to a dinner dance on Saturday night where I ate enough red meat to last me a year and had a huge fight with some crab legs (and I lost).  We even had a babysitter for the dinner dance.  We screwed up by not putting Courtney to bed before we went and she cried a lot for the sitter.  Oops.  Next time we have a sitter, Courtney goes down for bed BEFORE we go out.



Hmmm, bottoms up!

Hmmm, bottoms up!

oysterfest_oyster_paul_dadseyeview_karenchatters_courtneyWe had a really nice time this weekend.  It was nice to get away, spend time with my folks, enjoy time with Paul and Courtney, and play with the horses.  I was even able to enjoy a 90 minute massage.  Between the errands, the trips to Target, the walks and lunches with friends, Play 2 Grow and everything else we do, we never stop to admire the mums and the butterflies.

Prettiness in the tree

Prettiness in the tree

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