Determination or is it stubbornness

In my vast experiences with 10 1/2 month olds, I’ve never seen a baby who seems more determined than Courtney.  OK, I have NO experience with 10 1/2 month olds so we’ll just chalk it up as Courtney’s brilliance and over the top developmental prowess.  The kid is determined.  Or maybe a little stubborn.  Or both.

She’s recently realized that if someone is sitting on the floor next to the couch, she can climb on them to climb up onto the couch.  And that’s where she must be.  On the couch.  Our couch was once a place for all things electronic and things that we didn’t want Courtney to get a hold of.  iPhones, computers, cameras, cups of tea – things that little people don’t really need to play with.  But when we realized that Courtney needed to be on the couch, I had to find a new home for these things.  And while I’m happy to play on the couch with my girl, it’s just not always the best place for her to be.  But heaven forbid I should put the kid on the floor, even if I’m on the floor too.  No, she can’t have that.  She MUST be on the couch.  So there’s crying and grunting and mad determination to get back up.  I’ve tried reasoning and distraction and bribery but none of those things seem to work.  So I put her back on the couch and then spend the rest of the time trying to prevent her from falling off.

Courtney also discovered a new game this weekend involving a box of tissues.  She’s discovered that if you pull the tissue out of the box, another one follows, and then another and another until there are tissues everywhere and mommy has taken the box away.  At that point, we can take all of the tissues we’ve pulled out of the box and tear them into itty bitty teeny tiny pieces of confetti.  And, if mom isn’t paying enough attention, we can eat them too.  It’s great fun.  But she’ll sit there, staring at the tissue in her hands, with this intense concentration and amazement at the little pieces she can create all on her own.  She is determined to tear those tissues up, she’s determined to tear the tissue up into pieces that are so small, I can’t even begin to pick them all up.  She has this intense look on her face, as though she’s amazed that she can just keep tearing up that tissue, over and over.    And when I decide that the game is over because there are 4,785,897,345 pieces of paper on the floor and now we’re eating them, man does she get pissed.  How dare I take away her entertainment!  Forget the 8,000 toys lying around the room, the tissue is where it’s at!!

I can’t imagine where she would have gotten her stubbornness determination.  Certainly not from me!  I wonder if this is one of those traits we can claim is all Paul.  No?


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