I Have a Disease

It’s called Ornithophobia. It’s very serious. It’s the fear of birds. HATE birds.  I mean, I really don’t like birds.  They freak me out.  And people always say that birds are harmless.  Whatever.  Birds attack people.  It happens.  I’m telling you, it will probably be how I die.  And now I’m under attack in my own home.

As I’m sure you remember, a few weeks ago I posted a picture of this lovely bird.  It seems to like it here because it keeps coming back.  And it is a pretty bird but the damn bird is not very smart.  It keeps flying into/at the window.  (Which is going to be how IT dies but I’m not going to pick it up.  Paul is.  Come hell or high water, that bird dies on my deck, it’s Pauls problem.  I take care of all the bugs around here, he’s in charge of birds.  I mean it.)  And today isn’t the first time this bird has done this.  It’s a recurring problem.  He/she/it keeps coming back and flying into/at my window.  Please make it stop.  It starts with trying to get into the window and then it’ll get into the door and then it will get into my house and then it will get me.  You laugh but I’m FREAKED out.


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